Rubicon VLS is a full-service, 3PL (third-party logistics) provider focused on finished vehicle transportation. We currently offer services for shipping
vehicles to final customers located throughout all of North America. Rubicon VLS uses industry-leading technology to provide customers with the visibility
they need, and an experienced team of industry experts to ensure proper management of all finished vehicle transportation needs.

Our Brands

ICL is the leading provider of systems solutions designed for the
demands and challenges of the finished vehicle supply chain. Only ICL
offers seamless integration and total visibility in all segments of the
finished vehicle pre-delivery and transportation process.

RSVP (Rail Shipment Visibility Portal) is a cloud-based software service,
offered by logistics software-company ICL, for tracking and auditing
freight invoices for rail shipments. RSVP can automate tasks associated
with the rail shipping process and provide increased visibility to rail
shipments in transit.

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